About Digital Grass

Digital Grassroots Innovation & Technology (D.G.I.T.) is dedicated to establishing a diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem in South Florida. D.G.I.T. strives to bring diversity inclusion to innovation and technology in South Florida by providing assistance to our affiliated companies. Through our initiatives and resources, D.G.I.T. provides minority and women owned startups and established companies with access to mentors, financial investors, symposiums and other business development tools. We also provide peer matchmaking assistance for established companies seeking to participate in diversity inclusion. The D.G.I.T. professionals are dedicated to creating a diverse entrepreneurial network that provides a stimulating and supportive environment while providing the tools necessary for a company to become and remain vital and thrive. D.G.I.T. serves as a vital bridge connecting the South Florida professional and technological community with minorities and women in South Florida. D.G.I.T. endeavors to promote diversity inclusion in the established technological community through marketing, community outreach and public relations. D.G.I.T. recognizes diversity as a key component of creative growth and business development of South Florida. By providing ample opportunities for meaningful connections, D.G.I.T. hopes to increase the attendance at networking, technological and other corporate development events in South Florida.


    Transform, develop and promote diversity inclusion by increasing the presence of diverse groups in entrepreneurial ventures, innovation and technology.


    To develop an innovative hub for an informed and engaged community of diverse entrepreneurs in technology and business. We will provide symposiums, training curriculums and professional services to develop a more diverse community in South Florida (Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach) nested in a technological hub for entrepreneurs.


    Designate “the development and harnessing of diversity and inclusion pipeline in technology and entrepreneurship in South Florida ” as a priority.

Digital Grass is a unique accelerator model. We provide services to ourclients and co-create the startup as a business partner. Together, we build successful startups led by women, minorities and/or LGBT. Our services can be paid for up-front, with equity or a combination of both. See list located here for an overview of our services.

Digital Grass strives to promote inclusion of minorities, women and LGBT in the technology and innovation ecosystem. To further our goal, we collaborate with and support groups, companies and individuals that are also working towards strengthening the tech community. Some of our collaborative partners are – CodeFever, LaunchCode and W3RTech.

To increase our social impact within the tech community, Digital Grass connects members of historically underrepresented or marginalized groups(minorities, women and LGBT with knowledge, resources and investment opportunities through co-sponsorship of tech oriented conferences, symposiums and initiatives. Digital Grass is a co-sponsor of the W3RTech Campaign which is an initiative to promote diversity inclusion in technology careers and entrepreneurship through advocacy, social media, education, accessibility and visual representation.