The W3RTECH Campaign is a multimedia approach created by Digital Grass, Gateway Software Development and Two Parrot Productions in direct response to the disparity numbers in technology. The photography will feature advocates and members of South Florida’s technology scene with W3RTECH and the binary code, 010010, artistically painted on their face/body. W3RTECH is the campaign’s rallying statement, which calls into focus the diverse community that exists in the technology sector. Minorities, women and members of the LGBT community who own businesses, are employed and/ or are studying to enter the industry will be the stars of the campaign. In contrast with the sensational headlines in the news, W3RTECH gives them a platform to announce their presence in the industry. The binary code will be prominently displayed as a visual representation that technology does not discriminate. At its core, technology is universal and should be accessible to all. As part of the campaign, advocates and members of W3RTECH will also make a statement of why diversity in technology is important to them, provide a quote describing their sentiments and perspective on the topic, and undergo a brief 3-5 question interview. While the initial concept for W3RTECH is to focus on the emerging tech scene in South Florida, the vision will evolve as a platform to unite all organizations, companies, advocates and individuals who would like to see a change nationwide. Through the support of Mauris Data and other data collection agencies, the unique #W3RTECH hashtag will allow us to pull reports of the social impact and influencers of the campaign through social media. The campaign’s social media and marketing strategy will look to keep this topic trending at all times and will serve as a catalyst for all who care to join the conversation and speak out!