Atlanta Tech Diversity Pioneer Joins Opportunity Forces

Atlanta Tech Diversity Pioneer Joins Opportunity Forces

Rodney Sampson has many titles and has done many things in his career. The most paramount of those to date has been the creation of the Opportunity Hub in Atlanta and taking the reigns of the tech diversity mission in the Atlanta area and much throughout the South East.

Diversification across technology and media is nothing new to Sampson, he has spent part of his career spearheading diversity for Mark Burnett Productions, reports Black Enterprise. Many know Burnett as the godfather of reality television.

In Opportunity Hub, an Atlanta based startup and coworking space, Sampson, and others have seen the fruits of his labors come across the region in the form of hundreds of classes and community building events designed to bring men and women of every race, religion and orientation, together for collaboration.

Sampson’s model of inclusion and diversification has paid off where it counts as well, with Opportunity Hub startups raising over $5,000,000 in pre-seed and seed stage capital. Many young entrepreneurs know how hard it is to raise pre-seed and seed stage capital on the coasts, making it in the South East is an even bigger feat.

While many, who’ve been to Atlanta’s tech and startup scene have noticed favoritism amongst the surrounding schools, either being from the Emory camp or the Georgia Tech Camp, Sampson has been able to cut out all the bullshit to create startups, and spur innovation and technology.

Now, it’s time for the next opportunity for the Opportunity Hub.

Black Enterprise reports that Sampson is merging his Opportunity Hub with TechSquare Labs another hub for startups and corporations.

“TechSquare Labs offers 25,000-square-feet of work space, including an incubator, venture fund, and corporate innovation programming in Technology Square, an Opportunity Zone and ground zero for innovation in the Southeast.” Black Enterprise reports.

Sampson will assume the position of Chief of Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives for the combined force. The award winning CEO will join forces with TechSquare’s Paul Judge to create curriculum based initiatives for technology driven people in the region.


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