Aurelia Crews a leader at Rokk3r

Aurelia Crews a leader at Rokk3r

The Rokk3r Labs office has the atmosphere of being a science lab.

What seems to be math formulas are written on the transparent office walls. Minus the lab coats, the office space is filled with problem-solving staff using their laptops.

Rokk3r (pronounced like rocker) Labs is a unique platform where entrepreneurs partner with strategists, creative types and engineers to co-build and launch companies. It assists startup companies by turning great ideas into successful businesses. Rokk3r Labs was

established on Miami Beach March 2012 by co-founder and chief executive Nabyl Charania. The company’s goal is to “harness global collective genius to co-build companies that change the world.”

To change the world, Rokk3r Labs has solutions-innovating employees on its staff like Aurelia Crews.

Crews is a director of source, where she engages with local, national and international business communities to target entrepreneurs for Rokk3r Labs’ “think phase.” Crews job duties consist of finding what Rokk3r Labs calls “geniuses,” which could be entrepreneurs, investors, corporations or universities.

Crews also develops strategic partnerships with corporations, educational institutions, angel investors and venture capitalists for Rokk3r Labs’ entrepreneurs.

Previously, Crews held senior business development positions at Cisco and Microsoft, where she built multi-million dollar accounts, and led global sales strategy implementations.

Crews earned a bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a concentration in economics from Northwestern University, and also completed the Certified Professional Coach program at University of Miami. Crews is pleased to be part of the growing stages of the Miami startups and tech sector.

“Here are 3 billion new minds and 50 billion sensors that will be joining the global economy over the next half-dozen years that will need to leverage exponential technologies for incredible impact. We are co-building these companies to do so,” Crews said.

Crews explained the expected impact that Rokk3r Labs will add to startups and the Miami tech sector. “While co-building these global companies we are contributing to Miami’s tech ecosystem by attracting investors and resources to the area,” she said.

Crews has worked with Rokk3r Labs for only five months and is excited to be part of a company that allows her to use both her skills as a life coach and corporate background.

Crews said successful people from the Black community should reach back.

“When people make it, often we don’t reach back and mentor,” said Crews. However, in her previous job, Crews was able to mentor sales associates who were recently college graduated. A cancer survivor, Crews also encourages women in the corporate and tech world to strive to be better by her three tips.

“Know who you are, be who you are, and strive to be a better you; you’re great today does not mean you’re great tomorrow — push to stretch,” Crews said.



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