Houston Siemens exec: We need to do more to bring women to tech

Houston Siemens exec: We need to do more to bring women to tech

I had the opportunity to speak to Lisa Davis, member of the managing board for Siemens AG and one of the 50 most powerful women in technology, according to the California Diversity Council.

The recognition puts Davis alongside some of the leaders of the world’s top consumer technology companies, including Apple, Facebook and Amazon.

And with the German industrial goliath setting up its oil and gas headquarters in Houston, Davis recognizes the need to continue to bring more diversified talent to Houston’s energy sector.

What challenges do you see for Houston in terms of finding talent, and finding talent that’s a diversified pool?There’s more and more demand for technological skills.
A concern for many companies like Siemens and our oil and gas partners (is the search for more talent) and making sure that talent is diverse. It’s really the diversity of thought and diversity of approach that helps bring the capability to think about things differently.
We need to do more earlier in the process when kids are in school to help them understand what the potential is behind a career in technology. A lot of kids today early in their schooling don’t think of technology and technical fields as potential career paths, and we need to help them understand what the appeal of a field in technology is.


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