Intel’s Diane Bryant on Bringing Diversity to the Tech Sector

Intel’s Diane Bryant on Bringing Diversity to the Tech Sector

How does a woman break through the glass ceiling? In this video from the Re/Code Conference, Intel’s Diane Bryant discusses the pathway to diversity in the tech sector.
According to Bryant, Intel is now at the forefront of diversity in tech, with a female as its No. 2 (President Renee James) and Bryant, who runs the second-largest business unit. The company has also committed $300 million to boost its own hiring of women and minorities as well as the overall number of people going into technology. In fact, executive compensation at Intel is tied to achieving the company’s diversity goals by 2020.

“The goal of attracting more women and minorities to such financially rewarding careers will take a concerted effort, Bryant said. It will require changes to how science and math are taught in elementary and secondary schools, offering scholarships to college students who pursue STEM careers, and internships to bring these students into the workplace. Intel was able to increase the number of female vice presidents to 25 percent through a concerted program of advocacy and sponsorship. “Every woman vice president had to take on at least one or two high performing other women, and advocate for them,” she said. “That moves the needle. It forces the conversation.”


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