Space for women helps cultivate business creation, growth

Space for women helps cultivate business creation, growth

On the corner of Auburn Avenue and Jesse Hill Junior Drive, the atmosphere can feel like an office, a class room or even your friend’s place.

It’s Open for Business, a co-working space specifically for women entrepreneurs.

“I needed an address other than my own to do business,” said Dele Lowman Smith.

“We need to have space where we can do our office work, make our calls,” said Susan Pavlin.

They came for different reasons, but the desire to be successful and help others reach that same goal unites them.

“Entrepreneurship is a very lonely journey, you know your family doesn’t understand, your friends don’t understand,” said Emmelie De La Cruz.

Right now, about 30 women have different levels of paid memberships to Open for Business, allowing them use of the space and its amenities for work and meeting space.

“It’s great to be in an environment where you’re not alone, especially when you’re a solo-preneur, you’re working by yourself. It’s nice to come to a space and be around other women and be able to bounce ideas off each other and just have that energy and not feel so alone,” said De La Cruz.

This week people across the country are celebrating the small business that serve our communities. They support our economies, grow jobs and allow people to live out their dreams.

According to the National Women’s Business Council, women create more than 1,100 businesses a day, employing eight million and generating an annual revenue of $1.4 trillion.

Founder, Nicole Garner Scott, says Open for Business hosts workshops, offers neighborhood discounts and mentorship opportunities for some members, an Attractive option for first-time businesses owners who will certainly run into challenges along the way.

“You have your dream and your passion that you might thrive in, but you also as a business owner, there’s accounting, there’s paperwork, HR, so many different assets and so you want to make sure you surround yourself with amongst individuals that can help propel you in those areas that you’re weak in,” she said.

“To know that there’s somebody checking for you is really reassuring,” said Lowman Smith.

Find out more about Open for Business online HERE.

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